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We have been in the printing business for almost 20 years now, and plan to be the topmost printers in years to come. Bhagya Graphiq, was initiated in the year 1988 as a Small Screen Printing Unit.

We have now diversified our business into manufacturing of Copper Clad and Metal Clad PCBs for Automobile, Solar energy, Power, Medical equipment, Banking, Electrical and Electronic industries. To cope-up with the growing trend, we have equipped ourselves to meet any stringent quality level.

We have also established our product range in manufacturing of Anodized Metal name plates for all Large, Medium & Small Scale Industries all over Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka & UP.

Our Product range include:
Aluminium Name Plate, Brass Name Plate, Stainless Name Plate, Metal Labels, Dials, Front Panels, Badges, Momentos, Shields, SS-Brass-Copper Etched Boards, Aluminium-Brass-SS Cast Logos & Letters, Industrial Stickers, Engravings, Informative Boards.


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