About Us
We have been in the printing business for almost 20 years now, and plan to be the topmost printers in years to come. Bhagya Graphiq, was initiated in the year 1988 At the time itself we have been involved in the printing & publishing of various catalogues, handouts leaflets stickers manuals labels and private circulation magazine for corporate and for the general public.
Quality is one thing we are very particular about. We are highly in tune with concepts such as just in time supply and quality assessment tools such as six sigma. We consistently maintain 99.9% quality in our products and services measured and certified by our customers.
With a strong client base and a reputation in the industry for quality and timely delivery, Bhagya Graphiq diversified its business focus into two other activities through its sister concern 'IMPRESSIVE IMPRESSIONS': Imp-Logo
1. Manufacture of Flexible Printed Circuit Boards 2. Manufacture of Anodised Metal Name Plates

Bhagya Graphiq-Printing
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