Processes :
Production, Inspection, Testing, Rework, Repair, Training, Simulation, Real Time Process Control and Automation.

Verticals :
EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services), Electronic Repair & Maintenance, Defense / Space / Strategic Electronics, Telecom / Networking, Engineering and Process Industries.

Competencies :
Technology and Process Consulting, Pre-Sales support, Manufacturing & Sourcing, Supply of suitable equipment, Software Development, Customization, Design & System Integration, Implementation and Post Implementation Support.

  • We offer Lead free PCB Design, Fabrication and assembly Service at a very very competitive prices. We provide high quality service to small, medium and large electronic and computer companies all over the world.
  • A cost effective service for product development efforts is being supported by details of our Design and Manual Routing Service. A rare aptitude and ability to educate coupled with a desire to upgrade.
  • Service, Quality, CAD Compatibility, Experience and a Short turn around time will be the essence of our participation with your Product Development Team. We Support and Partner with Clients to work as your Design Team and provide them with a Dependable PCB Design Source.
We are capable Of delivering Multi Layers, Line to Line Spacing up to 5 Mil PCBs all Under One Roof and we are well Committed to a Turn Over Time.
Dedicated Small Volumes
Manufacture-Delivery (under One Roof)
High-Skilled Technical Workers
Effective and Exacting Procedures & Processes
Adherence to ROHS Norms
At Impressive Impressions, you will find the State of the Art Machines like Dupont UV light Double Side Exposure Machine, Microsection Lab, Chem Cut wet process lines, with a Dust Free Work Environment Dedicated Lab and Test Facilities. We also offer Excellent Storage Facilities
Our Principles:
Understand Customer’s Requirement - Totally
Protect & Retain Customer’s Confidentiality on Design, Process and Product
Observe and Practice Stringent Quality Standards
Commitment to Delivery Schedules
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